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If you're reading this page for some ceiling painting tips about getting your ceilings to look good or being able to paint your ceilings better in the conventional sense I find that using regular “ceiling paint” works really well. The paint stores carry what is called a ceiling flat. This is a true flat paint designed for ceilings that is a bit thicker than normal wall paint and covers really well in just one coat. I usually use two coats for a solid finish.

Because ceiling paint is a true dead flat you don't get lap lines or streaks like you will with regular wall paint. They sell wall paint that says it's a flat finish but most flats are not true flats but have a slight sheen. They do that for a washable finish. If you use these on ceilings you will run into problems.

There is also another way to paint a ceiling called mural painting. It's like the work that Michelangelo did in the Sistine Chapel. He painted that famous ceiling with pictures of creation and the finger of God touching the finger of man. The right muralist can put awesome designs on your favorite ceiling of choice.

Some ceiling murals are done as cloud patterns with a blue sky background that looks pretty real. There's also a type of mural painting called star murals. The ceiling looks normal during the daytime but at night when you turn the lights out it looks like outer space. It's done using a special paint that glows in the dark.

It's like an optical illusion where the ceiling disappears and looks like the nighttime sky. Star murals are pretty popular with kids and teenagers and even adults as well.

Then there is faux painting. I haven't seen many ceilings faux painted like I have walls but it is done. I guess the daytime clouds would be more like faux painting than mural painting.

Making your ceilings look good can go as far as you dare to dream. I hope this page answered any questions you are looking for.

ceiling painting

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